Elijah TV

Seated in many homes to bring new lives to the fallen and sheep who have forever been longing the right TV channel for their souls is the prophetic channel (Elijah TV)

Bringing redemption and heaven finally to the comfort of your homes.
Unlike all other television stations, Elijah TV has carefully selected programs that makes and feeds the soul for twenty-four hours and seven days a week.

Spiritual songs that uplifts the name of the Lord and revives the soul, sermons of prophet Francis Kwateng, interesting and Christian entertaining programs like “street church”, selective local African Christian movies to enlighten Christians on what goes on around the world, divine hour, among others. Our very children are not left out in their world of cartoons every afternoon of each day.

Elijah TV has lick the problem of proximity to each person and brought every event of the prophet of God and His City of Liberty (Ahofadiekrom) to break through calamities and to bring forth newness and wholesomeness to its cherished viewers.
A perfect television station for the righteous and every Christian who wants to make heaven. Elijah TV, The prophetic channel….

Radio Programmes

Heaven FM 97.7 - Sunyani

Heaven FM 90.1 - Kumasi

Shaft FM 98.1 - Obuasi
10am-11am  |  Monday - Friday



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