Mpuntuo Mmrɛ

Improvement, growth, development and advancement is of God.

God has said in His word that we should seek the kingdom of God first and all other things will be added unto us. Therefore after the believer has pleased God, he or she must become wealthy in all aspect of the believer’s life as promised by God. In Haggai 2:8, the word reads: “the silver is mine, the gold is mine saith the Lord of host”. This means God is still declaring and is still in the wealth business.

Mpuntuo mmrɛ is a programme held at Ahofadiekrom in selected dates of months every year by Prophet Francis Kwateng for every believer who wishes to prosper in Gods way and in their every endeavoring. God does not wish for His children to die in immoderation so He has ordered by virtue His prophet to set aside days for his people and other persons from all walks of life to travel to the city of liberty for the betterment of their lives in growth in all ways and finance.

The programme does not only seek for financial soundness in ones life but other areas of life are also covered like in leadership, management and prayer. Why you are not succeeding is a raging question even though you might be doing all things right in your own perspective. 

Remember, since the Holy Spirit is and has always been the Prophets' teacher, mmpuntuo mmr3 has been designed to meet the needs of every person, both elites with certificate and the uneducated who does the informal job, more like petty entrepreneurship. Through it all, the agenda of making eternity in heaven is not left out.

Look no further and partake in Prophet Francis Kwateng's mpuntuo mmrɛ and be a change for you and your generations to come.

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Mmpuntuo mmr3… Wealthiness in the preparation of heaven


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