Piercing through the stone cold heart, penetrating into the spirit realms to redeem and unleash prisoners from the Prince of the world (Satan) is the ahofadie mmrɛ, a time for redemption and revelations through the prophetic sermons of the Very prophet Francis Kwateng

To be joined in holy matrimony to the right person is not something to find easily. Marrying the wrong person will secure your journey to spend your after-life in hell. Remaining unmarried can also make it easy not to skip hell. The bible references these. 

Marriage is the union between a male and female who wish to be joined as partners for life. But a Godly marriage is one that has been joined and consecrated by the Almighty.

Improvement, growth, development and advancement is of God.

God has said in His word that we should seek the kingdom of God first and all other things will be added unto us. Therefore after the believer has pleased God, he or she must become wealthy in all aspect of the believer’s life as promised by God. In Haggai 2:8, the word reads: “the silver is mine, the gold is mine saith the Lord of host”. This means God is still declaring and is still in the wealth business.

“Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” (Genesis 9:8). More like one of His principles to be followed. Since our God has stopped creating, He has given us the power to recreate and procreate and by doing so, we give God the opportunity to complete His unfinished works.

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